Tin tức


Da Nang is not only blessed by nature for its majestic and charming natural landscapes, but also features unique architectural works that create a distinctive and symbolic feature for this coastal city. It is flawed to come to Danang without visiting the "legendary" bridges of this place.

1. Han River Bridge - the first and only spinning bridge of Vietnam

With a unique design, having 1-2 0, Han River Bridge is a symbol for Danang tourism. The bridge was officially put into operation in 2000 with a length of 487.7m, a width of 12.9 m and 11 spans and each span of 33m. Not only tourists but also the locals, waiting for the moment the quay is always very interesting. Every day, every 12 hours, the bridge slowly moves away from the two banks to cross the river, facilitating the passage of boats and ships, and at 3:30 pm it returns to the old position as if waiting for people. enter a new day.

Another special thing is that this bridge was built by the contribution of the people of Da Nang. Therefore, Han river bridge is a tree "of the people, by the people and for the people"


2. Thuan Phuoc suspension rope suspension bridge

This is a bridge connecting Da Nang city with Tien Sa seaport which was inaugurated in 2009. This is also the pride of the people of Da Nang because Thuan Phuoc is the longest wire bridge in Vietnam. At night, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is brilliant in the light that appears like a beautiful princess.


3. Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

This bridge is called "Cinderella" of Danang city. This is a bridge with a quite high age compared to other bridges with quite strange architecture that is connected from steel men. Previously the bridge was used to transport war weapons from Tien Sa port to the city. And now it is retained as a memento of the city to serve the pedestrian street



4. Tran Thi Ly Bridge

For visitors, this is a rather strange bridge. But in fact, it is the oldest bridge of this coastal city. Previously, the bridge was called Trinh Minh The and later changed to Tran Thi Ly and was only about 20m from Nguyen Van Troi bridge. This is a cable-stayed cable-stayed bridge with the first rope and leaning tower structure in Vietnam. The highlight of the difference is that the bridge has a Y-shaped pillar tower. Visitors here will take an elevator to the tower to admire the panoramic view of the city.


5. Dragon Bridge

Started construction in the middle of 2009, the Dragon Bridge connects Nguyen Van Linh route from Danang International Airport to Hoang Sa - Truong Sa Street. As the name implies, the bridge is designed to follow the shape of a dragon stretching out strongly to the sea with a length of 666.5m including 6 lanes and of which, 2 lanes for pedestrians.

Especially, this bridge is capable of spewing fire. Every 21h Saturday, Sunday or major holidays here visitors will see firsthand the "Golden Dragon" Da Nang spraying water and fire.