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Danang International Firework Festival 2019, shooting schedule, location

To reschedule, the International Firework Festival in Da Nang 2019 has published official information about the schedule of matches between representatives of countries. Please update with the following illustrations to get a better overview of DIFF 2019.

Program to organize Danang International Firework Festival 2019 (DIFF 2019)

Organizer: UMND TPN and Sun Group

Subject: DIFF 2019 entitled "Rivers tell stories"

Organization time: held on 5 nights on the weekends of the weekend. lasts from June 1, 2019 (opening) to July 6, 2019 (final) with the following topics: Origin (opening night, June 1.6, competed by Vietnam and Russia), Live germ (8.6 , Brazil - Belgium), Love (15.6, Finland - Italy), Colors (22.6, English - Chinese). Final night 6.7 was played by the two best teams. In addition, there are a number of accompanying activities such as the first flashmob contest held on a national scale (flashmob contest at DIFF 2018 only held separately in Da Nang).

Place of demonstration (firework display): Han River Port

Main venue location:

The main stand is located on the sidewalk of Tran Hung Dao Street, opposite the fireworks display area. Bach Dang Street, Tran Hung Dao Street, Song Han Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, a number of boats are allowed to operate on the river ... are places to watch fireworks performances by people and tourists.

Ticket prices for Da Nang fireworks 2019

B1 tickets: price 800,000 VND / ticket

B2 tickets: price 500,000 VND / ticket

B3 tickets: price 500,000 VND / ticket

B4 tickets: price 400,000 VND / ticket

B5 tickets: price 300,000 VND / ticket

B6 tickers: price 600,000 VND / ticket

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