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But Beach – wonderfully relaxing
But (Buddha) Beach is a beautiful spot on the Son Tra Peninsula, and a must-see place for lovers of ecology.  According to legend, in the time of Emperor Minh Mang, local fishermen discovered a statue of the Goddess of Mercy on the beach, and a temple dedicated to the goddess was built on the site.  Since then, local residents have enjoyed peaceful and prosperous lives, and the area is known as But (Buddha) Beach.
Just about 20 minutes from the city centre, But Beach has become a popular destination for both domestic and foreign visitors over recent years because its natural environment is a perfect example of the harmony between mountains and sea.  Besides being a fine beach for sunbathing and swimming, it is a perfect place for diving to discover the amazing and colourful underwater world of corals and other marine creatures.  In addition, the beach is home to numerous rare plants and animals which are listed in the national Red Book.  Visitors to the beach will also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of delicious food and drinks, focusing on local specialities which are served at reasonable prices.  Additionally, there are several water sports and fun beach activities here, such as sailing, surfing and jet-skiing.


In an effort to make But Beach an ideal holiday destination in Da Nang, the construction of the But Beach Bay Complex Resort, one of the city’s large-scale tourism projects, began on 30 April 2004.  The 19 million USD project will cover 199,786m2 of land and 100,500m2 of water, and will become one of the leading luxury resorts in the central region.  The property will feature luxury villas, conference and service centres, a 5-star hotel, and other facilities.  Its design is a perfect combination of modern-style architecture and the cultural characteristics of the coastal central region.


The 1st stage of the project will comprise about 140 luxury garden villas and over 100 bungalows.  The classic-style villas and bungalows are nestled in the hillsides, surrounded by trees of varying shades of green.  Although the project is under construction, many foreigners are showing a keen interest in buying these wonderful villas.
A 5-star 17-storey hotel will be built on an area of 34,432m2 in the project’s 2nd phase.  It will offer wonderful stays with a nice panoramic overview of Da Nang and beautiful sunny beaches for its guests.  In addition, the hotel will provide unforgettable experiences and opportunities to enjoy great sunrise and sunset moments.  Most notably, the Family Hotel, the first of its kind in the But Beach Complex, will be situated at the centre of the project.  This hotel will be a good choice for guests wanting value for money with unlimited numbers of people allowed to stay in one room and use all the hotel’s services.
For the 3rd stage of the project, a square will be built on the But Beach and it will become an attractive shopping area and an excellent avenue to host traditional cultural festivals, and international fairs and exhibitions.  In addition, there will be an exhibition area to display the city’s artworks, and to introduce its history and development to visitors.
The most impressive feature of the resort will be a special area for water, sound and light shows.  Guests will be treated to exciting and thrilling performances.
It is expected that the But Beach Bay Complex Resort in particular, and the But Beach Tourist Area in general, will emerge as Da Nang’s most attractive and romantic destination for travellers from home and abroad.  The beach will be the best place to get close to the natural world, and a truly peaceful place to relax.