Tin tức

Da Den - a hidden gem for outdoor activities
Da Den (Black Rock) is a beautiful spot on the northern side of Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula, and it can be reached by tourist boat from the Han River.  It is an ideal place for outdoor activities with relatives and friends. 
As its name suggests, Da Den features many large black rocks heaped together, which creates beautiful viewing angles.  In the nearby waters there is a wide variety of marine creatures such as red snapper, goby, grouper, littorina littorea, scallop, and “vu nang” (her breast) snail which was thought to be only found on the Cu Lao Cham Island off Hoi An.

Visitors to Da Den can take the opportunity to go fishing with local fishermen or dive to explore the coral reefs.  Apart from a fine beach for sunbathing and swimming, it is also a perfect place for building a campfire or for organising interesting teambuilding activities. 

In order to provide easier access for visitors, a pier for the tourist boats is planned to be built here soon.  In addition, local travel agents are planning to launch more tours to attract more visitors, both domestic and foreign.